Shisha Tobacco

As we are a shisha shop based in Austria, we are not allowed to sell shisha tobacco.

In Austria, water pipe tobacco can only be purchased from authorised tobacconists.

Shisha tobacco is a moist blend of tobacco consisting of tobacco, molasses, and glycerine. This blend is much moister than the tobacco used for pipes or cigarettes. The fumes of this tobacco are mainly made up of water vapour; only part of it consists of flavourings dissolved in the air. Shisha tobacco is available in a variety of flavours and packaging units.

Shisha Tobacco


Shisha tobacco
As already described, Shisha tobacco consists of tobacco, molasses and glycerine. Water pipe tobacco has a different texture than common tobacco: it is sticky and pasty, as a great part of it consists of humectants. In Germany, the humectants content of smoking tobacco is limited to 5 per cent; however, this regulation does not apply in Austria.
Nicotine-free shisha tobacco / herbal molasses
Herbal molasses is a nicotine-free blend where no tobacco leaves are used. The Herbal Molasses blend consists of a variety of ingredients such as sugar cane in SoeX Tobacco, or tea leaves in Hookah-Hookah Evolution Tea. Although the Herbal Molasses blend contains no tobacco, it is governed by the Tobacco Act in Germany and Austria.
Steam stones / gel / paste
Steam stones consist of a special complex of minerals which, thanks to their porous surface, optimally absorb humectants and molasses with a variety of flavours. When flavoured steam stones are heated, the absorbed flavours slowly vaporise. Currently, steam stones are offered by two suppliers: Shiazo and BIGG; their products only differ in the flavours on offer. In Germany and Austria, steam stones are not governed by the Tobacco Act.

Shisha tobacco that can be purchased in Austria:

Al-Fakher / Arena
Al-Waha / Al-Waha Gold
Amy Gold
Bang Bang
Fantasia Herbal
Nakhla / Sheherazade / Mizo
Prince Molasses
Social Smoke
Soex (Herbal)
Start Now
Ultimate Tobacco