Mit dem SHISHA-SET LAVA Portable erhalten Sie ein komplettes Shisha-Paket um 33% günstiger.

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1 x Camping Stove + 2 Butane Gas-Cartridge   +0,00 €

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Prezzo con la configurazione: 44,90 €

Incl. 20% tax zzgl. Versandkosten

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Ultraportable water pipe Lava Portable with Case for use "on the go". Never again miss out on the enjoyment of smoking your shisha when you're on the move. Simply put this portable shisha set on top of a bottle, and off you go.

This shisha contains NO glass or water vessel, but can be put on nearly any commercially available bottles or vessels. It comes with 1 downstem + 2 extensions for different bottle sizes.

The Lava Portable with Case Shisha Set comes in a practical and attractive bag. The hose is made of silicone and is easy to wash.

Included in delivery:
1 Silicone hose with aluminium mouthpiece
1 Base unit with hose connection and air vent
1 Tobacco bowl with chimney set
1 Head adaptor for different tobacco heads
1 Downstem + 2 extensions (with rubbers)
1 Coal tongs
1 Tobacco case
4 Mouth-Tips

High quality processed cartridges cooker in different colors. Outlet flame infinitely variable thanks to a rotary valve. Ideal for all who need a small, solid cartridge cooker.

Cartridge cooker for 190g - Cartridges (2 pcs. incl. )
Power: 1200 Watt max.
Power infinitely variable adjustable
Gas consumption: 13-45 g/h
Housing made of stable plastic
Height approx. 20 cm
Colours Mixed
Packaging: cardboard
With instruction manual
Made in EU

Included in delivery:
1 Camping Stove
2 Butane Gas-Cartridge 190g

Safety instructions:
•Read the instruction manual!
•The device run hot during the usage, do not touch - risk of burning!
•Do not let the gadget unattended while it is running.
•Gas cartridge is flammable - Leads to severe fires on contact with sparks, flames, heat.
•Gas cartridge may explode when heated; very cold liquid may cause burns.


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