SheeCool Freeze - Blue - Demonstration Hookah

SheeCool Freeze comes with a Freeze Stem, a Freeze Base and a Freeze Hose for the extra cool smoking experience in hot summers.

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SheeCool Freeze comes with a Freeze Stem, a Freeze Base and a Freeze Hose for the extra cool smoking experience in hot summers.

SheeCool provides a long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional hookahs that loses efficiency and taste after minutes of use, SheeCool retains a sensational taste with every puff that can last up to 3 hours by preserving the flavor 2 times more than the normal hookah.

The SheeCool invention consists of a special water base fitted with an ice compartment surrounding the water in the base. The ice compartment in the SheeCool is designed to give you a cooler and smoother smoke every time. To got even cooler especially in hot summer days SheeCool created a special freezable hose and freezable stem to combine with the Freeze Base.

Health Benefits: Due to the special cooling System of SheeCool potential risks of smoking will be reduced: a high percentage of Tar, Nicotine (nitrosamines), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sharply reduced because of circulating the inhaled smoke into cold water which leads to melt and decrease harmful elements and gases.

Please also review the extensive range of accessories SheeCool as:
SheeCool Cooling Bag Arctic (protects the base from sunlight and ensures a longer cooling result.)
MYA Koffer - SheeCool Fusion (for easy transport of fusion SheeCool.)
SheeCool Plate (for the SheeCool Base to ensure, that condensation water does not get to the ground of the base and to protect the soil.)
SheeCool Freezable Cartridge (with these cartridges the Freezable hose and the Freezable stem could be extended.)

Height: ca. 65cm
Hose Length: 190cm

Included in delivery:
1 SheeCool Freeze Base
1 SheeCool Freeze Stem
1 SheeCool Freeze Hose
2 SheeCool Freezable Cartridges
1 Lava Ashtray
1 Chinahead hookah bowl

First put the SheeCool Base SheeCool Stem and SheeCool Hose in the freezer for at least 4 hours or in the fridge over night. Fill the SheeCool Base with cold water but do not over fill it. After inserting the hookah stem, the downstem should be submerged approximately 2-3 cm (1-2 inch) below water surface.

Tip - More hose version:
The SheeCool Freeze comes with 4 hose adapters. Due to that you can upgrade your SheeCool Freeze with 3 more hoses for more fun with your friends.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Altezza 65
Hoses 1
Hose Connections 4


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